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Hello, My name is Sky It's nice to meet you. I'm 16 and I really like to cosplay and do anything anime related. I draw a little and play violin and piano. I have a girlfriend named Natali and I love her to death. You can follow my Tumblr which is Also I have a cosplay group called DumbAzzery! Go find me on youtube! We post a new video every week. Anyway I'm a pretty happy person and if you ever want to chat send me a message and I will get to it soon.
Lots of things to cover both personal and otherwise.

     Homecomingstuck is so soon!!! (I have cosplays to make for people. Shit I need to do that.. Maybe today.. humph.) Anyway, I'm planing on going with my girlfriend who will be cosplaying as Karkat and I will be John (We met as John and Kk so yeah we thought that would be cute also It will be our 5 month anniversary on the day of the event so were cosplaying the same way we met! ( urgh it just is cute shut up.)

     So If you are going to NDK NYE this year, make sure you come find Sydney and I! :) We will be cosplaying as Ciel and Lizzy and we have a hotel room for that night. Tell me who you are cosplaying as and If you see us, you get pocky <3 At NDK I had the pleasure of meeting a fan of DumbAzzery (almost at 100 subscribers woot woot!) and they recieved pocky. :P

     After NDK NYE, Syd and I will be attending Anime Land Wasabi Con (Hopefully for the whole weekend.) At Wasabi we are thinking Madoka Magica or steampunk or both XD

     StarFest! Ooo I can't wait to go to my very first Star Fest! I'm not sure about this one I think we are going to do steampunk again or something from real T.V. like Sherlock and John or Dean and Sam.. Not sure..

     DCC! After StarFest we have Denver Comic Con! I'm really excited to spend the whole weekend at this one. Sadly, my sister is going to be in Hawaii so I'm going with Matt and Ryan. We're planing on doing League of Legends cosplay for this con.. I'm going to be Ashe and I don't know what the boys are doing for that XD I think I am going to be staying with my girlfriend for the whole weekend or just share a room with Matt and Ryan ( My ex and sisters boyfriend. This should be good.) 

     After DCC we come right back to NDK. Haha okay I know you probably are like Shut the fuck up Sky, too far ahead. Well yeah it kind of is because we don't know what we are doing... XD So That is our convention plans for about a year from now. Enjoy.

Now for some personal stuff. I don't care if you read it or not.

    Basically I almost broke up with my girlfriend the other day. It was really weird and we were basically broken up for about a day. Then I realized something. I was really unhappy without her. I mean yeah, I have broken up with a lot of people and I have been with a lot of people but She is different because  for once I actually care about her in a different way. It's like she is my best friend and girlfriend all in one and like I said we have almost been together for 5 months. Thats the longest relationship I have had in my life. I was with this amazing girl (now one of my best friends <3) for about 4 months but we were on and off. Yeah my current girlfriend and I have had some ups and downs but we only really threatened to break up once over the last 4 months. That's really good.. <3 I love her.

     In other news, I think I have gender issues. I don't know if I have covered this but I have been going through major gender confusion. I don't feel girl. I know it's not normal and I have no idea what this is but everytime I walk past a mirror I see a boy not a girl. And I feel more like my gender when I'm in boy clothes and cosplays. It's very annoying. >_<


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Oya, my dear ! ~

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Don't hesitate to check it again, anytime ! 

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Dangolovergirl Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Oh thank you! Awesome. I have a cosplay channel too and I just subscribed to yours. It's DumbAzzery. 
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Thankies !!
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I love Clannad and Dangos. Anyways, I heard you're going to Denver Comic con?
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